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Phelan’s staff, near as makes not difference, Bonnen’s

Yesterday a plane carrying Rep. Dade Phelan skidded off a runway in West Texas.

Also, the likely next Speaker of the Texas House announced his senior staff.

Interestingly, there are several retreads from former Speaker Dennis Bonnen’s office, including:

Mark Bell – Deputy Chief of Staff
Cait Meisenheimer – Senior Advisor for Communications
Andrew Blifford – Director of Budget
Sydney Watts – Director of Administration

This list is nearly 50% of the senior staff announced yesterday. Bonnen’s name isn’t mentioned in the release touting the hires.

Phelan, like Bonnen, is Abbott’s pick for Speaker.

There is at least one holdover from Phelan’s House office in Zach Johnson. Before serving as Phelan’s Chief of Staff, Johnson worked for Democrat Allan Ritter.

Is a plane skidding off the runway foreshadowing? If people are policy, maybe.

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