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Lacey Hull and Cole Hefner rumored affair reported

This is a sad one to note.

On election day, the husband of the then-Republican candidate, now Representative-elect Lacey Hull, filed for divorce. According to now sealed court records, the grounds for divorce are infidelity(ies).

Like most sordid news, this doesn’t come as a shock to many in Austin. It’s been a poorly kept secret for some time.

First reported by the Democrat blog Living Blue, Hull is alleged to have had an affair with Rep. Cole Hefner.

Unfortunately, the account provided, coupled with the legal proceedings, matches what’s been rumored. Hefner, a third-term member of the House, is himself married and has five children.

Sexual promiscuity at the capitol is a known quantity, and while the culture needs reformation, incentive structures have historically undermined change.

With a pandemic “raging,” there was a live possibility of a culture change if driven only by logistical complications. If the Hull story is any indication, this was misguided hope.

As the post on Living Blue suggests, the alleged Hull coupling list might not start and end with Hefner.

Sources suggest the incoming Representative may have been cavorting with a well connected political consultant.

Hull, who has long-running ties to the party’s more conservative wing, was a well-funded candidate in a competitive seat.

During her run, Hull’s largest contributor was Texans for Lawsuit Reform with $645,342. Her largest expenditure line item was $111,637 to Berry Communications.

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