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Is Ted Cruz vulnerable?

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Is Ted Cruz vulnerable? Not really. Sure, he's not liked, Texans think Ted puts Ted first, his approval rating is upside down, etc etc. But in a two party system, that doesn't mean much. The Statesman's Tilove quotes George W Bush ...

Paxton defends questioning Muslim prayer room on "Fox and Friends." The post Frisco ISD Fights Back on Ken Paxton’s Claims About Muslim Prayer Room appeared first on Texas Monthly.

Travis County officials declined dozens of requests from federal immigration agents to hold inmates in the days leading up to the county's recent showdown with Gov. Greg Abbott over its new "sanctuary" policy.

The Texas Public Information Act, originating during a time of scandal in the early 1970s, presumes all government records are available to citizens, unless there's a specific exception preventing release of the document. [...] our modern era of ...

The “Never Trump” movement and the alt-left will do anything and tell any lie to derail the administration of our newly freely elected president.  I  highlight, “elected”, here because Americans picked Donald Trump ...

Trump's spending blueprint released Thursday is light on specifics, but makes clear that his campaign pledge to confront illegal immigration is a top priority.

Texas health officials say they're taking a closer look at an anti-abortion group that received $1.6 million to bolster women's health clinics but has fallen short of promises.

President Donald Trump agreed to add fresh Medicaid curbs to the House Republican health care bill Friday, bolstering the measure with support from some conservative lawmakers.

A Texas school district says Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton is raising unfounded concerns about religious freedom over a spare classroom where Muslim students pray.

Steve Stockman, a Republican who served two non-consecutive terms in the U.S. House, is charged with conspiracy to make conduit contributions and false statements.

Texas A&M University could see $29 million in cuts to its current state funding over the next two years under the latest draft of the Texas Senate's state budget. Bryan-College Station Eagle

Lynlie Wallace, who has been seen as a serious contender in the District 9 City Council race, does not actually reside in the political jurisdiction she hopes to represent — or even the city of San Antonio — interviews and documents ...

A purchasing director of Child Protective Services has been placed on administrative leave as officials launch an investigation into a pending contract involving a nonprofit where the director’s husband works, the American-Statesman has ...

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's office raised constitutional questions today about a Muslim prayer room at Liberty High School in Frisco -- which was featured last week in a KERA News series. School district officials ...

Jared Woodfill Editor-in-Chief, President, Conservative Republicans of Texas There are at least twelve religious liberty bills filed this session, including bills that protect pastors from having to disclose their sermons (SB24), bills ...

The Democrat coalition is fast-tracking liberal priorities while delaying conservative reforms. The post House Republicans Fast-Track Legislation to Raise the Minimum Wage appeared first on Empower Texans.

Spending on schools and border security are being held hostage to raiding the Rainy Day Fund. The post House Trying to Extort Conservatives and Tap Rainy Day Fund appeared first on Empower Texans.

SB 5 remedies the state’s voter ID requirements in line with federal court recommendations. The post Texas Voter ID Update Unanimously Passes Senate Committee appeared first on Empower Texans.

Commissioner Clark granted pretrial diversion in exchange for testifying against the other indicted members of the court. The post Montgomery County Commissioner to Testify Against Fellow Indicted Court Members appeared first on Empower Texans.

The legislation would ease regulation on ridesharing companies by pre-empting local ordinances concerning ridesharing. The post Senators Propose Pre-Empting Local Governments on Ridesharing appeared first on Empower Texans.

Montgomery County GOP tried to stop a precinct chair from bringing a resolution supporting property tax reform. The post Montgomery County GOP Officials Tried to Thwart Property Tax Vote appeared first on Empower Texans.

The vast majority of Republicans joined Democrats to overrule conservatives’ objections and do Democrats handiwork. The post Democrat Enablers Cry Foul on Conservative Criticism appeared first on Empower Texans.

Voters ask Board of Trustees candidates why Collin College needs to burden county taxpayers with $600 million in debt, and why all at once. The post Collin College Proposes $600 Million Bond appeared first on Empower Texans.

The Senate Finance Committee tentatively decided to defund Gov. Greg Abbott’s pre-kindergarten grant program, a month after the House filed a proposed budget doing the same .

A controversial grading system for Texas public schools and districts, set for deployment in 2018, could dramatically change if the state's top two public education legislators have their way.