Red McCombs

Thanks Gene -

For sharing your comments in the We're Listening interview. They were particularly timely because I, along with others who identify with the University of Texas, have been getting too many calls and comments about the direction of the UT System. While it is always healthy to have opinions of others and lively discussions about the direction of the University, it is not healthy to have the current swarm of challenges to our leadership policies. The debate of research vs. teaching has been around forever and I don't expect it is going away. Enlightened supporters of the University know that we must have a healthy balance of research and teaching.

My view is that all of us need to get on with doing what we do best and that is an unqualified and very visible support of the current leadership that we are so fortunate to have. Governor Perry is intensely focused on continually building our program to be the envy of the educational world. I have great confidence in Governor Perry and the leadership of our regents and the direction of our System. We have a great program and we need to make every effort to continue to make it better. We need to cool the current wave of rhetoric and get back to doing what we do best - supporting our leaders and helping them improve our university system in this challenging economic climate.

Red McCombs

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